And I guess restarting the blog I abandoned for an awfully long time is fine as well.  

When I started this blog, it was summer holiday and I had plenty of times in my hand because I had just graduated from community college. Then in September, the new semester commenced and I became a year 3 student majoring in creative writing in university. Everything has changed and I had to get myself used to it.

The courses I took were so demanding and I needed to push myself to keep up academically and mentally. The workload was overwhelming even though I truly enjoyed doing all the writings and other creative works. I did felt like I was drained of creativity in some moments.

It stressed me out. I got fever almost once a month and lost 10 pounds over the past 3 months.

During that period of time I read nothing other than the readings given by professors. I published nothing other than my assignments. This blog was in a total coma. I even forgot the password to log-in.

Now winter break is finally here and I want to sort things out. Writing helps me to express myself like nothing else. My ideas, my feelings, my thoughts and my mumbles desire audiences.

Therefore, here I am.


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