My main struggle of writing blog posts is I don’t know what is the right subject to write about.

Believe me, I got stuck after this sentence for quite a while too.

I guess everything is about me being too self-conscious. The fear of failure.

Whenever I start writing a post, numerous question ran through my head.

Would that be too shallow? Would that be too personal? Pointless? Phony?

I actually would never know because I just keep hitting the Backspace button. I would never know my thoughts and ideas will be adored by people or not.

The more eager I am to show the best of me to others, the less I am showing. This thought keeps turning me into an introvert, which I am actually not.

Not only hindering me from posting on my blog, this thought blocks away so many opportunities I should have in real life as well. I am afraid of taking up any of the opportunities because my only prediction of the result is failure. Pathetic enough.

To be honest, this post is way too personal according to my standard. But hey, the reason I wanted to start this blog is I wanted to share, hopefully to be understood, and to speak out for anyone who share my views and feelings, if there are any.

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve,

the fear of failure.” -The Alchemist

My dreams are not too big. They are only personal goals. So I guess nothing should be worried about. Who cares if I fail, right?

Yea the Publish button here we go…


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