When I was a teenager (not long ago lol ), the blogging site Xanga was the ultimate online social platform among my peer group. Xanga is sort of like MySpace, which causes embarrassments to people today. But how it got me hooked on writing somehow turns it into the good old days.

It was the time when one single picture would take up to several hours to be uploaded on internet. Not to mention video clips, which would probably need 100 days to upload. Slow internet, along with limited options you got when designing the layout of your blog, writings end up to be the only thing to represent yourself.

Everyone was so keen on writing blogs at that time. My friends and I almost updated our Xanga every day. Those were all genuine writings, despite the wrong grammar and spelling. We were so enthusiastic about checking the subscriptions and reading our friends’ writings. What a boost in literacy level.

At the beginning I only wrote about trivial stuffs like school life and celebrity crushes. Then my blog was gradually becoming a space where I express my childish and emo-ish thoughts while I was growing up and becoming a young adult. I started to have a liking for writing at that time as well.

When recalling those days, it feels like ages ago. Probably because I don’t actually read blogs at all now. All human beings within my social circle are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Pictures and motions dominant, and words are either not longer than 140 characters, supplements for the lack of emojis, or barely description of a video or photo.

Since when I found it rare to write a post with 300 words?


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