Let’s be real. This is not my first blog. And of course this is not the first time for me to write a freaking “first post”.

I sucks at adhering to commitments. My best achievement so far was a blog with twenty-something posts and twenty-something subscribers.

From time to time I have that urge to start a blog. The urge to share with others. After spilling my thoughts in several posts at the beginning, I then stuffed the blog with pointless content and average photography. Eventually I feel I’m too lame to continue and therefore I quit.

Living in a pseudo society aka the Internet, everyone’s life seems so perfect behind all the Instagram filters and hashtags. Comparing to spectacles online, my life is so not worth sharing.

But still, I wanted to start a blog again. Even though I still think I not cool enough, I always believe that one’s writing is always unique and exclusive, and I believe in words. Writing may not be my strength, but it is definitely my thing.

I know that pictures and videos are more eye-catching in these overwhelming online platforms. I usually feast myself with all those eye-candies on tumblr and pinterest more than reading black and white words on blogs too. Not to mention those youtube channel and the youtubers that made me fangirling about. But I believe in words. And I believe that every search begins with beginner’s luck.


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